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EADS, or European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the second largest defense company in the world with revenues of over 30 billion euros. It owns, among other companies, Airbus, which is the make of the gigantic A380. It also created the Eurofighter and is competing for the U.S. Tanker bid worth about 100 billion dollars. It is the true European company.
Jack: Yo, I saw EADS is working on a stealth combat drone that can do Air to Air fights.
Daniel: Wow, Boeing is gonna shit their pants.
by Smartaz January 30, 2006
An institution that would be useful if it hadn't just 1% of "federal" money and would finally create a real government and army. An anticipation of what has yet to happen in Europe, and which has already happened in America 200 or something years ago.
Despite several complaints that the European Union is getting too much money, this is in fact not so: "In the fifties, 17% of America's GDP went to the federal government. Now, this figure turns around 20%. In 1929, however, the year of the massive global economic crash, the federal government received only 1% of America's GDP," said Belgium's Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt.
by Smartaz January 30, 2006
From the Greek endo for inside, within. Meaning, of course, the same. E is for Endo is a common T-Shirt worn by cool dudes and galz who like it "inside" rather than outside.
Example 1 - Dude: I had an infection inside my intestines and they had to give me a gastrointestinal endoscopy. I wasnt so much afraid of the pain but rather that I'd like it.
Example 2 - Girl: Wow, the guy yesterday really got endo with me.
by Smartaz January 11, 2006
Smart but lazy people. Tufts people are very bright but did not feel the need to outwork their high school peers in an extraordinary way, which is reflected in them going to Tufts, instead to school were people are smart and not lazy, such as Princeton, LSE, Oxford and the likes.
John is smart and ambitious, he went to Princeton to become an amazing computer engineer. John is always the first at work every day and leaves last.
Bill is smart but lazy. He didnt work enough in High school to get into Princeton but somehow managed to get into Tufts.
One day, after college he wakes up and comes up with a great idea that involves a website. He hires John to help him. Bill retires at 35 and plays golf with his billionaire peers, John keeps figuring why he did not have the same idea.
by Smartaz October 25, 2005
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