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flap of skin between testicles/vagina and anus. Similar to Harry Wurzbach, but can be used for both sexes
"I'll choke you by your ass neck, I will!!!"
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
ultra-hardcore wargamer (wargames - Advanced Squad Leader, Combat Mission, etc) Comes from French word that means "grumbler"
"Bob the Grognard likes to check his back yard for good hull-down spots for his imaginary tank"
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
your balls/nuts/huevos/testicles/etc
"Thank god for the men who guard the ass fort."
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
short for grognard ie a ultra-hardcore wargamer
"You can tell Fred is a grog because all he talks about is tank armor penetration charts and playing ASL"
by Smapdee May 06, 2003
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