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2 definitions by Sman111

When you see a seeming hot chick and then suddenly seeing something that totally turns you off.
Shane: Dude i saw Sally's thong hanging out then Moley Molly came out of nowhere and she totally gave me some dick lash!!

Dylan: Ohhh man that sucks!!!!
by Sman111 November 08, 2011
A guy who talks and acts lik a fagget and when he is questioned about his sexual orientation gets all defensive and emotional and denies it lik it was a dumb and ridiculous question to ask him.
Shane: Sooo Jack your on Team Edward huh? sooo u must thing hes hott right?
Jack: NOO!!! Whats wrong with Twilight!!!!!??
Shane: Nothing its just... its kinda....
Jack: IM NOT GAYYY!!!!!!
Shane: OK OK no need to get all bi-ferious about it.
by Sman111 November 09, 2011