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Some bullshit some assmunch made up cause they were at a loss for words , did not have sufficient vocabulary to express their emotions.
Got me feeling some kind of way. WTF does that mean?
by smalliebiggs February 03, 2014
A person who's physically/sexually very attractive, but an emotional/psychological disaster area. Extremely charismatic in short bursts; typically but not necessarily great in the sack; impossible to live with. Male Patron Saint: Tom Cruise. Female Patron Saint: Lindsay Lohan/Winona Ryder (tie).
"Did you see those side boob pics of LiLo going into rehab?"

"She looked great in court, too. Man, she is one hot mess."
by SmallieBiggs May 31, 2013
An invitation to celebrate and let go of one's cares in an idiosyncratic and inexpressible idiom. Alternative to the more straightforward/common "party hearty", and its variant "party hardy". Neither negative nor positive in connotation, neither zealous nor blasé. Like the Tao, cannot be explained further without destroying its meaning. Most often used as a greeting or toast, it can serve almost any non-expletive purpose.
Example 1: Dave (toasting the first guests at a gathering): Party shit.
Guests: Party shit.

Example 2: Jeff: It looks like they left an 'r' off your "party shirt".
Steve: No. They didn't.
Jeff: Oh.

Example 3: Mark: Why does it say "Party shit" on these cocktail napkins?
(Tom shrugs.)
Mark: Oh.
by SmallieBiggs December 28, 2012
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