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The definition of the word acer has developed from a very small concept to a very complex and debatable philosophy. Originally intended to be a replacement of the term "Attention-seeking" it slowly evolved to become different from generic "attention seeking" in that the action is intended to produce a result other than that which is normally associated with the action itself, in most cases appreciation, and in many cases, jealousy. This contrasts to "attention seeking" where the action is intended to produce a result, purely of attention. Additionally, the term "acer" is more suited to the actions of more than one individual, often large groups in collaboration, whereas "attention-seeking" is considered more an outlandish or individual action.There is an unjustifiable trend in the number of "acer" scenarios involving two friends or lovers who appear to need to prove a point. Essentially, the definition of acer can be rounded down as:
"A state in which an action or actions are undertaken with an alterior motive, usually simply to be noticed, in either a positive or negative, conscious or subconscious light"

This definition accomodates for the idea that "attention seeking" is generally associated with negative connotations and is socially considered a pitiful characteristic. "ACERNESS" on the other hand can be good, or bad, depending on the social position of the Acer who is performing the action in question. Often an individual with a higher social position can perform an "acer" action that will be laughed at lightly, whereas the same action by a social outcast will be frowned upon. Acerness is unique in that it cannot be identified by those who are unfamiliar with the term acer, as often the acer action is noticed subconsciously, being passed off as merely uncharacteristic, or in some cases annoyingly characteristic of the Acer in question.
A range of examples for the term are listed below.

"Look at X's hair, shes such an acer" - in this instance, X would simply deliberately have her hair in an acer fashion, for pure attention.

"Don't look now, but X and Y are being acer on the other side of the room"
in this instance, X and Y could simply be having a conversation, but it can be concluded that their secludedness is acer.

C: "Hello X. Well done on ur acerness with Y at lunch by the way" - In this instance, X and Y may have had a conversation among themselves in front of C, perhaps discussing an issue that C cannot relate to. Their motive can only be defined as "To be acer about these memories"

"x: omg yeh Y told me about it" - another instance of X being acer about their relationship with Y, who she perhaps isnt generally associated with.

"x: hey how was ur day y: bad x:...well? how?"- this could regarded as Y being acer, as X is naturally expected to ask what made Y's day bad, so Y could have come straight out and explain the cause of bad-ness.

"Hey X, please be acer with me in front of Y?"
"Lets be acer about the movie"

These two instances are classic examples of acerisms, as the motive for the action is clearly to make others jealous or curious, as opposed to being literally attention-seeking.
by Small_plastic_Box July 10, 2008

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