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The offspring of Poseidon and the Big Kitty; the only thing dumber than challenging a Nathan to disc golf is requesting lethal injection for breakfast. Most famous for out-bombing a Stealth Bomber in the Cold War, a Nathan is capable of bleeding Napalm and igniting if attacked...do not attack a Nathan.
Person 1: "Is that a Saturn missile?"
Person 2: "Nah, that's some guy that just took a direct Nathan uppercut."
by Small Paws December 23, 2010
A rocker that throws down regardless of what holiday is pissing him and his peers off. Most famous for having fought Godzilla with one mic, one guitar, and one hand tied behind his back in an electric metal showdown. A Scott is regarded as one of the most dangerous creatures on any musical scene for an uncanny ability to endlessly pimp women thought unobtainable by hundreds of scientists. Seeing a Scott in real life is the equivalent of seeing Achilles pillage the city of Troy.
Spectator 1: "I can't believe Achilles killed Hector like that."
Spectator 2: "I can't believe Scott banged Achilles mother and sister in a threesome."
by Small Paws December 23, 2010
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