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The act of throwing handfulls of honey at a person's rump.
"Pat and Kyle had an unprotected rump frumpfest last tuesday"

"I frumped that bitches rump last night, straight goods"

"I heard Billy is a rump frumper, and kathy is the rump frumpee"
by Smack Addict July 04, 2006
Native to Guatemala, this primative creature is known for its large beaty eyes, greasy exterior, and extreme nervousness.

Although he seems harmless, beware! With every move subtle move you make he is steaking you out for his dreaded check-raise! However he can easily be scared off by presenting him with any of his natural enemies.

Here is a short list of his natural enemies: Being touched, being looked at, crispy fries, hamburgers (gross!), and scary restaurants.

AKA "Gwa2" (gwatoo)
"You never notice when I cut my hair, dad!"

"I hope he burns in a fire! NOW!"

"I'm soa aoll in"
by Smack Addict February 10, 2005
(Noun) Created in the Irish Murray tribe of Clayton, the finger lean is a tradition only that of which devoted constituants of the Tribe can follow.

The Finger Lean is performed by the extention of the index finger on one hand, about 1 foot away from the face. This is followed by a lean into an opposing party and stern words of wisdom.
(Finger Lean) "I want you to know I never gave up hope."

"Watch out with his left hook."

"Good hustle."

"Don't look at my arms."
by Smack Addict February 12, 2005
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