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Someone who is addicted to anime.

I am such an anime addict, i spend almost 200 bucks a month on my drug of choice.
by Sly April 02, 2005
A Baptist who is so devout in their religion they think everything is a sin, especially anything that feels good.
He is such a foot-washing baptist, makes me wander how he had children. Do you think he flogged himself afterwords?
by Sly April 04, 2005
An indirect consequence of some action
It was harsh but he had to bear the repercussions
by Sly January 11, 2005
(n.) A sexually transmitted disease consisting of pussy boils in and around the genitals. Also responsible for excessive sweating.
After moving to Boston and prostituting herself in order to pay for a new piercing fetish, Slick contracted a nasty case of the reamocles.
by Sly February 24, 2005
1. middle of no where, backwoods town full of closed minded rednecks and is a lot like quick sand; once you are stuck in it, the harder you try to get out, the deeper you sink.

2. Dull, unexciting
The only entertaining thing about Oliver Springs is that it has a skating ring that only 8th graders go to.
by Sly April 02, 2005
something that's so powerfull, it can improve anything you think of
xniio has made my pentium 100 work like a athlon xp 1600+
by sly February 03, 2003
1. any literary device relating to words, i.e. a pun
2. the completion of a sentence with a commonly known phrase or proverb

Derived from the French, "parole" and the Spanish, "palabra", both meaning, "word"
"I was so flabbergasted when I found out, I nearly spit my white Russian all over the white Oriental!"
by Sly May 23, 2004

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