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1: Someone or something that is being extremely annoying, obnoxious, or uncooperative.

2: Something that doesn't go your way, that you disagree with. (the score of a game) (someone's opinion)

3: A really, really, really nasty, blown out, stinky, saggy vagina.

4: Can substitute for every/any other word used to make fun of someone or something.
1: Quit trying to run the clock out and play you donkeytwat.

2: What a donkeytwat of a game.

3: This kid is acting a real donkeytwat.

4: If you keep being a donkeytwat I'm going to go into donkeytwatswatter mode on your ass.

5: IDC, she probably has a real donkeytwat anyways.
by Slickj October 14, 2011
Someone or something that swats someone or something that is being a donkey, a twat, or a donkeytwat.
Hold my drink, I'm about to go into donkeytwatswatter mode on this donkeytwat.
by Slickj October 13, 2011
The illegal act of speeding up to a federally protected mailbox, stopping next to it, and proceeding to bash it into smithereens with a baseball bat or other destructive object.

(A baseball bat is the most commonly used accessory, however other efficient alternatives may include a sledge hammer, ax, bowling ball, or the vehicle itself)
(Usually done at night, in an infamous red jeep)
1. Are you guys down to do some postalpounding tonight?
2. I'm going to postalpound that big red barn shaped one tonight!!!
3. This whole town fell victim to the postalpound!
4. Batter up! Who's turn is it to do a postalpound?
by slickj October 14, 2011
The act of riding around in a car at night with a stockpile of Micky Dee's waters (no ice) and throwing them at people walking down the side of the road. The Trailer Park is another ideal location to perform this activity.

The funniest and most accurate technique is to pull up next to someone and pretend to ask them for directions. After they give you the directions you say "Thanks, hope you have a real McShitty day!" and cowardly drench their ass as they walk away, then hit the gas.

P.S. This sport has a few morals. No ice, head shots, hitting girls, old people, kids, or homeless people, and hitting moving cars is also not recommended. Remember the goal is to piss people off not hurt them.
1. Pile in the Infamous Red Jeep! Lets hit the drive-thru and do some McSplashin!
2. Do you think 12 waters will be enough to go McSplashin for the whole night?
3. That poor guy, already lives in a trailer park and now he has to watch over his shoulder for a McSlashin.
by Slickj October 20, 2011
A Halloween activity in which lazy, older kids wait around until the conclusion of trick-or-treating when the younger kids are about to head home with their bags stuffed full of candy for their parents to inspect, then they run up behind them and grab the bag out of the kids' hand without ever looking back, successfully scoring gobs of candy while exhausting minimal effort.
1. The only way my lazy fat ass is getting some candy this Halloween is if i do a buncha Bag Snatchin.
2. Man! We're too old to be out here trick-or-treating. Bag Snatchin is the way to go!
3. We'll wait until dark, then we're throwing on our masks, heading over to the slums, and going Bag Snatchin!
by Slickj November 02, 2011

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