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A quick and heavy punch or jab to the lower gut that makes you keel backwards onto your buttocks and soil yourself.
Nobody minded being mugged normally, but when it came to the chance of recieving a Kaz, everybody agreed to give up their wallet quickly.
by Slevin October 23, 2006
A popular Canadian furry who's presence and prominance within Yiffchat is greatly appreciated... only not. This definition is really a joke, emphasizing how badly Kaz represents anything that is a furry, completely slamming her and mussing her prettyful fur with mud. Deciding to forego life as a humanbeing, this young and formerly attractive woman has turned wry and dark... but also likes cheese.
I used to love Kaz... before she sprouted fur and turned into a mean little animal who almost bit me.
by Slevin October 22, 2006
When a female (or male) strokes her/his partner's penis so slowly and firmly, the resulting orgasm is so strong that the male's cum is sprayed in more than one direction, thus resulting in a 'snowy' effect.
Sarah looked up from where she knelt infront of Jack and whispered, 'God I loved that snowy...'
by Slevin October 23, 2006
A bisexual, bitter Fijian who has decided that being a furry would be a decent fandom to follow, as a failed attempt at creating her own fandom had failed. She spends alot of time within Yiffchat and has dubbed herself the 'resident bitch', recieving several alerts and warnings from different moderators on duty, resulting in smiles and cheers from everyone else.
I mentioned that my new baby kitten had been injured when it fell from a tree - Snowy told me to snap it's neck.
by Slevin October 22, 2006
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