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1. Any person into alternative/rock/metal music, a purgorative term designed for alienation of the other by scally/chav culture.

2. Reclaimed from the above, a name given to a muscially orientated sub-culture. Said culture being a mix of earlier Punk and Metal culture. The term originated with the culture following the collapse of nu metal from aminstream popularity in favour of metalcore, pop metal, punk pop and emo.

3. Reclaimed purgorative from the older underground sub-cultures, such as metallers, goths and punks. Terms those who claim identify with their sub-culture, but who have seemingly missed the point and do not listen to music deemed to be authentic, ans generally considered unable to mosh properly.
1. Bloody Moshers! Cut your f*cking hair & stop listening to that satan shit!

2. Lets go to Download. The music is so cool.

3. Bloody Moshers! Grow your f*cking hair & stop listening to that comercial bollocks!
by Slev September 04, 2007
Humerous term for folk metal.

Derived from 'hey nonny nonny', a term used by medevil moks to trascribe folk lyrics deemed overly saucy, and given the suffix of 'core' often used in the likes of grindcore, hardcore, and the like, indicating a stuban adherance to a particular mode of playing music.
Are you going to the nonnycore gig tonight?
by Slev September 04, 2007
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