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Just like a normal safe, only completely useless. It keeps all your valuable possesions and whatnot inside, safe from prying fingers. However, if stolen, which should easily be done, seeing as it's portable, defeats the purpose of it being a safe. It can easily be pried or torched open later.
Who in their right mind would think a portable safe is actually keeping anything safe?!?
by Slatte September 26, 2006
Triggers the release of a deadly gas when pulled
his finger was pulled and damn it stunk. we had to get the county fumigated.
by Slatte October 28, 2006
sweet as said by cartman from south park. Used to describe something that is utterly sweet, but because if it's high sweetness level, is accompanied by and extra h.

Dude, thish ish sho friggin' shweet! My retainer ish chocolate flavored!
by Slatte December 09, 2006
Fresno Area Rapid Transport System
Farts is actually just Fresno Area Rapid Transit, but that just makes it singular. Some poor guy in marketing probably got fired after this...
by Slatte September 13, 2008
The best fitting name for a Gamecube. Nicknamed by PS2 and Xbox followers, it compiles all of the Gamecube's capabilities into a neat nickname. It gained it's nickname because Nintendo markets its products to lots of kids or people who can' go the extra mile for a game system.
The lamecube is inferior to the PS2 and Xbox in: grahpics, controller sceme, lacks a DVD player, not backwards compatable, has no online. Most game developers have realized Nintendo's patters and are switching over to superior consoles, and thus giving the Lamecube a lack of many respectful games. If anybody takes an unbiased look at the three 2nd generation consoles, then the 3rd gen and so on, Nintendo is always far behind, but sells their products very cheaply, so unfortunately there will be no end to the poor hardware industry.
The lamecube got it's ass whooped in the 2nd generation show-down.
by Slatte December 13, 2006
1)The only street more crooked than Lombard Street.
2)The street on which the White House is stationed.
Pennsylvania Avenue is horrible
by Slatte December 09, 2006
The sharp pain in one's ear when they've drank too much carbonated liquid. usually applies to those who can't stomach their CO2
*Bob downs a Pepsi*
Bob:Aw that hits the spot.
*bob thrashed wildly and smacks his nose violently*
Bob: %#%^#%& nose burn @%^@$%^@ nose burn #&%3
Joe: oh. haha
by Slatte December 08, 2006

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