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Currently being developed by 343 Industries (Former Bungie Employees), and is said to be released 11-6-12. The game takes place from the ending in Halo 3 where the Master Chief and Cortana drift off in space in the severed half of the Frigate. Cortana then sends a distress signal which may take years before they are rescued. The Chief then says, "Wake me, when you need me.", and goes into cryogenetic sleep. The Chief is then woken up as Cortana shouts that he needs him, he makes his way to the opening in the ship and stares at a ring which the ship is drifting towards.

The game so far has graphically updated the Chief's armor, weapons and brought back the Burst Fire Assault Rifle from Halo 3, enemies, vehicles, and the HUD. Halo 4 includes armor abilities as well.
Halo 4 Includes:
Ranking (Same as Halo: Reach)
Forrunner Weapons
Covenant (Some elites are still on their side)
Made from scratch Multi-Player Maps

Halo 4 Does not include:
Dual Weild Ability
Elites (As a character for multiplayer)
Recticle Bloom (Recticle does not move when firing a weapon. Can improve aiming.)
The Flood (Not entirely sure if they are involved.)
by SlateMkII October 09, 2012

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