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The act of laying toilet paper across a toilet as to cover the entire opening, putting the seat down to assure the paper stays put, and shitting on top of the paper to give the appearance that the toilet is supremely clogged and strikes fear into anyone who would dare to flush it. It's called the trapeze because the turd is skillfully balanced like a trapeze high artist.
What the hell, Carlos you clogged our toilet!

Wait nevermind, it was just a turd trapeze.
by Slate Giz February 16, 2010
Noun- A combination of procrastination and masturbation; masturbating in the effort to procrastinate. Usually occurs when you are supposed to be doing work on a computer, but start to look at porn and end up masturbating instead.
Leroy has to do all of his work in the computer lab where he can't procrasturbate.
by Slate Giz May 13, 2010

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