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This is a stigma against an individial who hangs out with an unheigenic person. For instance your friend points out to you , ew OMG that guy you are with has herpes on his face! Then they think you will become dirty or infected if you keep hanging around them. Herpes is transmittable so you have to cut the ties! Youll get a terrible reputation hanging around with a herpes kid.
OMG, that Vitale kid has herpes. Don't associate with him or you will have herpes by association!
by Slare December 27, 2007
A person either so ugly you dont want to go near them or someone with massive amounts of herpes on their face. Red crusty bumps all over their face to make them look like a monster. People run from herpesfaces.
1.Dont go near that herpesface he will give you a disease.

2. Did you hear Vitale had a herpesface? ewwwww!
by Slare December 27, 2007

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