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6 definitions by Slap Chappie

Used as an apprpriate gesture of surprise,or disgust. When combined with certain words, the meaning can swing:

Prefix 'the' = Great
Prefix 'oh' = Forgotten or found out something
Suffix 'man' = Sympathy for oneself or other persons withint the vecinity or suprise, if voice raises octave
Suffic 'dude' = See above

"The shit"
"Oh Shit"
"Shit man!"
by Slap Chappie February 16, 2003
789 436
1) The joint in the middle region of ones leg
2) To bring said joint in an upwards motion, to apply pain to drunken or otherwise persons face, or sternum area
"Yo going down mutha fucker"
"I have busted my knee"
by Slap Chappie February 20, 2003
38 21
to sol, or be soll'd
break my face
by SLap Chappie February 16, 2003
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A person with less intelligence than the average glass of water. Also, a person who has threatened someone who is larger, or stronger than he/she is
"I pity the fool"
"You fooling me?"
by Slap Chappie February 16, 2003
7 12
A person who has a tendancy to act, or be stupid, often resulting in his or her bullying
"You dipshit"
by Slap Chappie February 16, 2003
17 40