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The act of taking a violent, greasy and sometimes loud shit.
Man, that spicy pork made me declare jihad on the toilet.
by Slaney May 11, 2006
An event much like a duel, where two men unable to come to terms by conventional methods such as talking or fighting, stand back to back, walk 10 paces, turn and drop their pants. The man with the largest cock wins, and the loser must hang his head in shame and leave.
Obviously talking or even fighting wouldn't have settled the argument so I challenged him to a cock-off. I won.
by Slaney October 03, 2006
The act of picking your nose, then sticking your finger in another person's ear. Similar to giving someone a wet willy, except instead of your saliva, it's your booger going into their ear.
Jonny was being a douche bag, so I gave him a boog willy.
by Slaney June 13, 2006
Similar to Rum Dick, "God Mode" is when a guy gets drunk but has "god" like endurance during sex. He cannot be fazed and never tires. Sex usually ends because the girl simply cannot take anymore.
Dude, I was in god mode last night. I banged her for like 3 hours!
by Slaney October 12, 2006
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