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2 definitions by Slamdunc

1)Australian offensive word meaning British people.
2)French word meaning apple(s) (singular-pomme)
"i hite poms, thire ackccent ais so davicult to heear, dont u thin?"
"fuck ya maite, im bloody bri-ish, bitch!"

"j'aime prend le pommes, do u rick?"
"Wtf, dont be gay, when did u start learnin french anyway?"

by Slamdunc March 02, 2006
A fingering technique to pleasure a lady.
Using top two fingers thrusting every second looks like your throwing a dart when your trying to show people

Also known as the the "Eric Bristow" or the "Phil Taylor"
Best way to pleasure your women is the emu!
Only thing that gives me more pleasure than toy lorries is giving my woman the emu!
by slamdunc December 09, 2013