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3 definitions by Slacker1357

Coopin {koo-pin}:

Coupon {q-pon} {koo-pon}
Hey, I got a bunch of coopins for the store. We'll save 20%
by Slacker1357 March 27, 2009
19 5
One who can not drive in the snow covered roads. Tends to drive a 2WD vehicle and tires may be near bald. This person may also be commonly found in a ditch, or sliding into another car.

You can also spot these people with a layer of ice and snow still on the car while driving.
Sorry I'm late to work today. Some wintard tried to pass me, spun out and hit another car. I had to stop.
by Slacker1357 February 12, 2013
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One who cannot drive in blizzard conditions, or chooses to do so and is not prepared. Typically drives a small compact car with very low ground clearance and only 2WD. Will charge a snow bank in hopes of making it through.

Also see Wintard
I can't get down the street. Im gonna have to detour.
Some Bliztard is blocking the road. They abondoned their car so I can't help pull them out.
by Slacker1357 February 10, 2013
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