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1. A poor quality vehicle. The worst vehicle in terms of depedability, corrosion prevention, serviceability and poorly engineering.

2. A vehicle which value depreciates 25% or more when all 4 tires leave the dealers lot. No other vehicle has a poorer depreciation value. A bad investment

3. A vehicle that will get you there(maybe), but you will have to walk home.

4. A vehicle that the body is made from Aluminum. Land Rover bodies do not rust. They corrode, and this is the best thing Rovers do. Land Rovers steel frames rust.

5. A vehicle that is an electrical nightmare.

6. A vehicle that quality is so poor that Ford Motor Company had to buy it. Now they wish they did'nt.

7. A vehicle that parts must be preordered and kept on hand due to the fact that parts are not carried at regular auto parts stored

7. A vehicle that MILF's like.
I saw a cool Landie today on the side of the freeway. The hood was up but that's usual.

I'd rather push a Land Cruiser than ride in a Land Rover. Hell I'd rather dive a Jeep, and they suck too.

#1 Let's go fourwheelin, I just got my Rover running again.
#2 No way man, My Land Cruiser and I are tired of draging your British junk back to town.

by SlackJawMF February 21, 2007
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