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A come back which throws your opponent so far off the argument, that you HAVE to win the fight! If done right, no can defend against!
I don't want you to ever talk to your friend Tina again.

Really, why not?

Becuase she's a bitch and she stinks.

Well, so is your face!
by Skyynet August 30, 2009
A scale used to measure how much of an asshole someone is! (similar to the Richter scale, only used for douche bags and cockholes)
That jerk off stole my loot - he's about a 10 on the rectum scale.
by Skyynet August 30, 2009
OBAMA! Combo between Nigger + President.
How many people had to be smoking crack to put a nigident in the WHITE house?
by Skyynet November 14, 2010
Automatic pool vacuums. They do the cleaning, so your white ass doesn't have to.
Costing much less than that sexy Mexican pool boy. A pool nigger can keep your pool clean, and your wife faithful!!
by Skyynet November 14, 2010
A vacuum robot, one that works while you are away. Such as a Roomba etc.
I have so much more time now to spend on the internet watching porn, and jerking off to pictures of your whore mother, now that a floor nigger vacuums for me every day!
by Skyynet November 14, 2010
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