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Farts the are made by trapping air in your anus. Accomplish this by relaxing your anus muscles, usaully in a bent over position, thus allowing AIR to enter your butt. Then closing your anus, and letting it rip whenever you desire to.
If you wanna fart but dont have the gases inside you to do so, just practice airfarts
by SkyLuker June 29, 2008
A undetermined liquid that apparently comes from the nutsack. Evidence is of its existence is found by looking at the groin area of the boxers or briefs, notice the thinning of the cloth and or holes forming in just that area.
My mom always wanted to know why our chonis (spanish for undies) had worn out spots in the sack area. She came to the conclusion that our balls produced ball acid.
by SkyLuker June 29, 2008
Dried up crap leftover from a very poor job at wiping your butt. As the crap dries, it becomes crusty and causes serious itching problem. the name "Stickers" brings to mind the annoying poke and itch thats associated with those lil plant seeds that stick to you socks and shoes and irritate your feet and legs
I was in a rush at work, and didnt wipe until the tp came out clean. Later that day i got major stickers, and couldnt stop itching my crack
by SkyLuker July 10, 2008

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