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Someone who gets psychological pleasure from inflicting pain on someone who enjoys it.
In BDSM, the Sadist pleasures the masochist, because the endorphin rush from the pain is pure pleasure.
by sky August 11, 2003
somthing good,or a good time.
we'd get some milako-plus,then things got real horrorshow.
by sky May 10, 2003
someone who has and will have sex with everybody and anybody
i wouldnt fuck her she goin'. she fuck my nigga.
by Sky April 01, 2005
This is a word used by Miss 12 O'Clocks for the female genitalia.
My friend's going to beauty school so I let her shave my stuff--but I didn't know there'd be an audience!
by sky April 27, 2005
A band, some may consider punk, but not hardcore. Liberal, and very anti-bush (see Rock Against Bush compilations volumes 1 & 2, or album 'War on Errorism'). Micheal Moore fans. Comedic songs. Not too bad of a band.

Summerised: A fairly popular, but still ok band, that make clear their political stance, but do so in a comic and usually some what fun way.
Have you heard any songs by NOFX?
by Sky April 01, 2005
A very hot girl. Loved by many. Hated my few. Alex. for instance that little.thing. loved by skyler hill.:-D
by Sky February 03, 2003
Those who listen to alternate rock, and do not dress to please other, and do not follow fashions like sheep
Alice In Cahins (grunge band)
Kut Cobain (grunge singer)
by Sky February 01, 2004

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