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A symbol more commonly found in Hawaii on clothing, cars, surfboards etc. and the every now and then highway sign. It’s a symbol that is in the shape of a U with an arrow pointing down in the center. Meaning, are udown to do this crazy antic/stunt? Referred to more as are “udown4sumkrazyshit?” starting off as an underground company which is now blowing up and starting to take notice in many foreign countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, England, along with U.S.
Hey lets go light our feet on fire and jump off this 70 foot cliff in the middle of the night, or sneak onto the top of a city bus and jump off into the canal while its in motion. so what do you say are udown
by SkweekyClean February 21, 2008
a memeber of the well known graffiti crew known as AF. yupso having no real meaning to it at all. just a made up name to throw up all over hawaii's 808.
eh yupso how about we get the AF boiz together and hit up some shit.
by SkweekyClean February 21, 2008
jerk at work. (jerk meaning to masturbate.) put it together u get jwerk.
i jus caught Ben Dover doing his daily jwerk
by skweekyclean March 04, 2008

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