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An alien crature invinted by K. A. Applegate for the Animorphs series. They are blue centaurs, with four eyes, and scorpion tail that has a long hooked sythe-blade on the end of it. Enemies of the Yeerks.
Aximili is an Andalite.
by skunkpit September 16, 2009
The feeling that you've heard all this bull shit before.
Person # 1: So then I caught a fish, like, ten feet long!
Person # 2: I have a strong feeling of Deja Moo.
Person # 3: No wonder! He's been telling the same damn story for thirty years!
by Skunkpit September 13, 2009
A commercially contrived occasion for forced displays of affection.
Stupid Valentine's day!
by skunkpit September 15, 2009
1) The pretty time between night and day.

2) A book, you may or may not care about, about sparkly vampires and a brunette who wants to be one. There may be some werewolves thrown in it somewhere.

3) The object of many Teeny boppers affections.
1) Twilight is a pretty time of day.

2) WTF? This Twilight book makes no sense!

3) OMG!!! Twilight makes so much sense to me!
by skunkpit September 15, 2009

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