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A human who is such a giant douche bag that they may also bear Hippopotamus DNA. Someone who is so big of a Douche that it's impossible to overlook their presence.
Hey.. its Christmas and that guy took up 3 parking spaces....what a Doucheoppotamus.
Don't look now but I think there's a Doucheopottamus coming over to buy you a drink.
by Skunkdynamite January 27, 2015
That guy who insist on speeding up to pass you as you simultaniously speed up to get on the highway.

It's a 500 foot ramp to a 20 mph exit, why are you speeding up?

Antonym:When you slow down to let someone into traffic and they also slow down.
I was getting on I 84 the other day and coming up to speed and this Passhole wont let me on the highway untill he gets off.

As I'm driving in the morning rush hour I slow down to be considerate and let another motorist on the road and HE SLOWS DOWN TOO! What a PASSHOLE!

I'd love to see that Passhole eat it trying to get off the highway doing 80 in his moms Honda.
by Skunkdynamite July 28, 2013
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