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A phrase used to describe an action the backfired.

Etymology: Mario Kart games, firing a Koopa shell and having it hit your kart instead of an opposing racer.
"You just got struck by your own shell, Bob!"
by Skuld Skuldrun May 26, 2007
A scholar or professor at a large university, who claims to be of high intelligence.

Originated from a man involved in the TSU Money Scandal, claiming to be an "Academician".
"I am an academician at Harvard."
by Skuld Skuldrun May 05, 2007
A word to be used only by humans in the lower echelons of intelligence
OMG is such a stuponym. It is okay to type, but not to say.
by Skuld Skuldrun August 07, 2007
One who listens to lyrics of Hip-Hop songs, recognizes the stupidity or illiteracy of them, and is compelled to tell as many others as possible about his/her discovery.
That Hip-Harper wouldn't shut up about how the lyrics of the song didn't make sense!
by Skuld Skuldrun May 05, 2007
Used by atheists to describe the place of origin of the Gregorian calendar, as they do not want to recognise anything good came out of a Pope.
The calendar of Gregoria is used in all countries today.
by Skuld Skuldrun May 05, 2007
v. To vandalise in a non-permanent way; opposite of pimp
"Someone graffitied with chalk on that building!"
"Yeah, it totally got plimped!"
by Skuld Skuldrun May 26, 2007
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