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An expression requesting a picture of naked breasts to serve as proof of having a girlfriend. Also used to question an online poster's sexual identity.
Rosencrantz: My girlfriend gave me such a great blowjob last night.
Guildenstern: Girlfriend? Hah! Tits or it didn't happen!

Philomena: I'm a gorgeous brunette with large breasts looking for World of Warcraft fans so I can suck their cocks
Nerdcore: No you're not, you're a guy.
Philomena: No, I'm a girl
Nerdcore: Tits or it didn't happen.
by Sklooby September 17, 2008
The car driven by the masked adventurer Batman, usually represented in films and comics as a large, powerful vehicle with onboard weapons systems.
Quick, Robin, to the Batmobile!
by Sklooby April 24, 2008
Marvel Comics kung fu billionaire superhero who is made of omnipotence and win.
I'm rich and powerful and my fist lights up. I'm Iron Fist.
by Sklooby March 20, 2008
1) In the Urban Dictionary editorial guidelines, the very embodiment of the nonentity: "Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally".

2) Fictitious girlfriend, invented in order to convince your friends that you are not gay or that a woman has found you attractive enough to want to be your girlfriend. See Canadian girlfriend.
My girlfriend Sally says she loves it when I do sex with her up the anal root canal.
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
A spiral shape, whether drawn, sculpted or occurring naturally; see also krimsoy.

Etymology: C.20, after Hank Ketcham (1920-2001), U.S. cartoonist and creator of Dennis the Menace, who characteristically drew knees as spiral shapes.
Man, that Ketcham sure could draw a krimsoy!
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
The sound that would probably result if the superhero Iron Fist split the earth in two by hitting it hard at the Equator.
Power Man: Danny, don' you make yo' fist be all glowin', boy. Danny, I knows you upset, but you want to be cool wit' all dat shit, like you gon' split da erf in two, you don' look out.
Iron Fist: (Skla-TCHOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
Alt. spelling of krimsoy.

Usage: as the word is parthenogenetic and consequently has no etymology, there is no correct spelling of crimsoy/krimsoy, though most scholars consider its spelling as krimsoy to be more in keeping with the spirit in which the word was invented.
Some people write it crimsoy, others krimsoy; heck, my cousin even calls it a ketcham!
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
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