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Noun. An expedition involving the acquisition of some good, usually perceived as essential, when in fact completely unnecessary. Because errands involve a component of travel, they are often confused for a leisure activity. From the root, errant, aimless.
I had a busy day today running errands.
by SkippyD1 April 22, 2006
Noun. A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of yourself.
I'm just going to stay in tonight and sulk: I'm really feeling the autoschadenfreude.
by SkippyD1 February 09, 2008
Wearing jeans simltaneously with a jean jacket.
Nice denim leisure suit.
by SkippyD1 January 19, 2006
adj. Complicating otherwise simple things in order to make life more of a struggle, and therefore more interesting. See also autoschadenfreude.
"I can't go to that party tonight; I'm feeling too lonely."

"Dude, why do you gotta be so antimonious?"
by SkippyD1 April 22, 2006
Noun. A cosmetic accessory usually worn on a visible limb. It is often confused for medical paraphernalia though it has no medicinal value: anything that can be fixed with a Band Aid wasn't broken to begin with.
"Ow! I really hurt myself!"

"Here's a Band Aid."

"Thanks, now I'm better."
by SkippyD1 February 09, 2008
A preference for jeans, even in the work place and "grown up" world; an aversion to slacks.
I can't go to that client meeting! I have serious pants allergies!
by SkippyD1 January 20, 2006
When well-off people (esp. white people) shop quickly, resulting in the rapid accumulation of goods from Banana Republic, J. Crew, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Also, shopping for real estate.
He just spent four hours in SoHo doing some serious hegemonic power shopping; he must have spent at least two grand.
by SkippyD1 October 22, 2006
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