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5 definitions by SkinnyPants

A sandwich that includes, one bagel (onion bagels works well) turkey or ham, tomato, mild cheddar, oregano, and pepper. Then toast in oven together. Add mayo and lettuce after toasting then enjoy on a paper plate.
Josh: Hey man, you feel like eating a turkey, ham SamBae?

Zac: No

Josh: Fine, you grundel! (See grundel)
by SkinnyPants January 21, 2009
1 1
Packing a bowl of Marijuana on top of a pile of ash that hasn't been cleared out from the last bowl you have indulged on.
Josh: Hey you happen to have something to clear this bowl out with? Maybe a paper clip or something?

Zac: No I can't seem to find anything.

Josh: Well I suppose I'll just have to pack a grizzlebee then.

Zac: True.
by SkinnyPants January 21, 2009
6 6
A party involving unattractive people who are all willing to give out sexual deeds. Also see "grundel"
I was at the grundel party the other day and I think now I might have the clap.
by SkinnyPants January 21, 2009
1 3
A man eating, fluffy, long haired feline. Also known for carrying bags of weed around the home.
Dude, man, bro is that a "Main Coon"?
by SkinnyPants January 21, 2009
3 5
A very unattractive male, or female but is willing to put out sexual deeds.
I'd say this is a grundel party for sure Stevie.
by SkinnyPants January 21, 2009
3 10