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3 definitions by Skimask619

When a girl (Has to be a virgin) has sex and gets addicted. She never would of been addicted if she wasn't exposed to penis.
Fool #1: "Yo man, what happened to Heather?"
Fool #2: "Didn't you hear? She was exposed to penis!"
Fool #1: "She was a good girl too!"
by Skimask619 August 15, 2009
20 4
Internet Def: Name made for Crackers, wannabe Crackers and Phreaks who don't want their real identity to be discovered.

Real Life: A piece of clothing worn by anyone who doesn't want their identity to be revealed.
Internet Def:
FuckingDumass: "What kind of a name is Skimask?
Skimask: "Say goodbye to your computer asshole"
FuckingDumass: "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! WHAT IS ERROR 3546374637? NOOOOOO!!!"

Real Life Def:
Mugger: "Hand the money over or the bitch gets it!"
Guy: "Kill the bitch if you want but Where did you get that fine Skimask?"
Mugger: "K-mart, got it half off on a sale"
by Skimask619 August 15, 2009
6 0
The handjob equivalent to "Wood Chipper". When a woman finds that squeezing, twisting and yanking on a penis isn't satisfying. Thus calling her a Pipe Wrench.
Man: "Dude, I heard that chick gave you a handjob"
Dude: "Handjob!? She was a pipe wrench!"
by Skimask619 January 16, 2010
4 2