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6 definitions by Skidz

A young person of questionable socio-economic background who wears sports clothes and baseball caps and lists main hobbies as harassment and aquiring gold jewellry
The pub was rough, it was full of hawkys
by Skidz September 14, 2003
Ben is a right Bufter
by Skidz September 14, 2003
Feelings of excitement, also used in ironic sense to express total lack of interest
"The weekends nearly here, i'm getting gids"
by Skidz September 14, 2003
Used to describe a friend of a frugal nature.
Stop being skintight and lend me some money.
by Skidz September 14, 2003
for use when a chick really dicks you off!
by SkIdZ June 08, 2004
Nickname (M/F) for a true redhead. If collar and cuffs match then pubes will resemble a slice of pizza.
"Yo, Slice, how's your trip?"
by sKiDz June 07, 2004