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1 definition by Skared

1 (N) A Person, when asked to do something, says ok then walks away and stares into space 2 A person that mumbles incoherent words that have nothing to do with anything that has taken place in the last fifty years. 3 A person that does the two things above at once. 4 A person that has an extremely long chin hair that grows back within a matter of hours. 5 Someone that can't remeber what they are doing so they act like they know what is going on and eventually go into their "Special Rooom". 5 The first steroind free bearded lady. 6 A woman wiht a large bald spot on top of their head that they know nothing about. 7 A person that, if you throw crackers at her head and hit her in the eye, will take ten minutes to realize what just happened. 7 Joey's lover. 8 A rather large block of nothing that slightly resemble human. Orriginally found on Mars (even they didn't want her). 9 A cross between a man and woman.
I have no idea what you are talking about. I am going to do a Stapleton in the closet.
by Skared January 26, 2008