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Fuckin' Illinois Bastard.

Used by people in Wisconsin to refer to people from Illinois who buy all of the lake properties in northern Wisconsin and who don't know how to drive while going there.
Wisconsinite 1: Look at all the FIBS here today...
Wisconsinite 2: Well, it's Memorial Day weekend, what else can you expect?
by SkaraMog May 07, 2006
A noise and upward hand motion used to signal to someone that you are ignoring them.

Comes from the sound a glass divider makes when you are in a limo.
Person 1: That movie sucks.
Person 2: No, it doesn't!
Person 1: Uh, yeah, it does.
Person 2: Zzzt click!
by SkaraMog May 03, 2006
"Wish I was laughing out loud."

To be used in those common cases during an online conversation when the only appropriate response is "lol," except for you aren't really laughing.
X: so
X: yeah
X: it was pretty funny
Z: wiwlol
by SkaraMog May 03, 2006
"That time I really did laugh out loud."

To be used in an online conversation when the typer actually does laugh, but since "lol" has little or no effectiveness anymore, it conveys the fact that it was actually a funny comment.
G: and then I just called her a bitch and left
H: that's funny
H: ttirdlol
by SkaraMog May 03, 2006
An insult of the highest degree, used to describe someone who enjoys taking it up the ass and fucks sheep in his spare time (which is all the time).
Man, I hate that twat.
Yeah, he totally is a seppy.
by SkaraMog July 30, 2006
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