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When smoking a blunt, you post up against a wall and lean over. Your friend will give you a shotty as you slowly rise up. when you reach your destination, your friend will then pat you on the chest and you will cough. Almost an instant stone.
You- yo i'm in position, i hit the close button *leans over against the wall*
Your friend- please stand idly by as the Elevator prepares for takeoff *prepares for shotty*
You- oh shit its coming!

Your Friend- don't be afraid to kiss me, its brotherly love but here ya go!
You -*takes slow hit while rising up, being wary of touching lips cause your self conscious about your sexuality*
Your friend- *punches your chest*
You- *puke* WTF man!!!! *cough cough cough*
Your friend- not my fault you hit the emergency stop button
by SixthLeaf September 12, 2010

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