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wicked. First coined by childerens TV presenters Ant and Dec.
"Ant and Dec were killed horribly? wacked!!"
by SiRuS January 04, 2004
One who uses his finger to remove the "cheese" from the underside of the penis tip or between the toes for the purposes of sniffing it.
"john tried to be discrete as he lifted the toe jam laden digit to his nose but was soon spotted by another in the act and was promptly labelled a cheese monkey"
by Sirus May 15, 2003
The town I grew up in. It's legendary for the amount of pubs they managed to squeeze into a small area, but bugger all else. Dont bother going into the independant games shop, the owner is a git and he'll try to rip you off.
"I got totaly lashed in brentwood on friday... lets just say that its now a traffic cone free area."
by SiRuS January 05, 2004
God knows where this phrase came from, it means something that is complete shit.
"what a load of warsh!"
by SiRuS January 04, 2004
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