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The five NW's are a variation of the five W's:

What? Where? When? Why? and Who?

The five NW's

Nigga Who? Nigga What? Nigga Where? Nigga When? Nigga Why?
"We gon need ta solve dis crime 4 realz usin da five NW's nigga,'

"Nigga Who?" Who was involved?
"Nigga What?" What happened (what's the story)?
"Nigga Where?" Where did it take place?
"Nigga When?" When did it take place?
"Nigga Why?" Why did it happen?
by Sir_Scorn July 16, 2010
A remark made to Neck beards when speaking on subject of their favourite types of beer.

Typically a Neck Beards 'favourite' type of beer
I personally love Corona, its my favourite brew of beer.

Hm.. really? You told me last weak it was Neckbeerd...
by Sir_Scorn September 08, 2010
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