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A reference to the classic novel "Anthem." This is when a beautiful girl, referred to as "The Golden One" is in your vicinity. These moments are to be spent staring and/or drooling. These are to be cherished, and archived in your mind forever.
I had another golden moment yesterday in the hallway, when The Golden One walked past me.
by SirK September 25, 2003
To empty your ass tray onto another persons chest, and then smash it with your palm, or forehead. Burgering with the forehead is only for the most hardcore, so be warned.
That a-hole was really pissing me off, so I burgered him and felt much better.
by SirK September 10, 2003
An alternative to burgered. This is mainly used when a direct confrontation is not desired. It involves the throwing, tossing, slapping or otherwise launching of small animal feces towards another person.
If the happy meal is executed to perfection, the victim will pick up the feces, wondering what just struck them. Following this, they are to make an extremely disgusted and/or horrified face.
That bastard across the room could kick my ass if I tried to burger him, so I will serve him up a happy meal instead.
by SirK September 25, 2003

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