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A german dance\metal\industrial band, who have done some fucking great songs and some fucking wierd ones! Their style is really original, and their language totally suits it, and i advise any open-minded person to go listen to them.
I used to be totally obsessed with Rammstein.
by SiobhanG October 07, 2003
Guitartist for AFI, the greatest band EVER.
Jade Puget is an incredible guitarist, a great songwriter (wrote a small part of Sing The Sorrow), has a really random sense of humour and is one of the sexiest men alive!!
Praise the Jade
by SiobhanG January 11, 2004
A more upclass version of a townie, usually aged between 15-25. they hate goths, punks, or indeed anyone who doesn't follow the crowd. The blokes usually wear jeans and a shirt, and the girls (who are all blonde) wear pink, baby blue and white. only. Their entire lives consist of getting pissed at the weekend.
Wankers, the lot of em.
there's a crowd of trendies outside the offlicence again.
by SiobhanG October 07, 2003
Somebody who doen't smoke, drink excessively or have sex with someone if it doesn't mean anything to them.
Lots of people think it means you don't drink at all but that's not true, people who are straight-edge do get drunk, they just don't LIVE for getting drunk, they don't go out every weekend and drink for the sake of drinking just because everyone else is.
1)I am straight-edge
by SiobhanG October 07, 2003

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