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A "friend" on facebook whom you added after meeting for a brief period of time. A friend of a friend of a friend, someone you met at a bar, or just a random acquaintance who happened to add you. You rarely, if ever speak to this person.
"Why are 90% of my friends Facebook friends? Who the hell is (XXX)?"

"Who is (XXX)? Oh yeah, I talked to her once at the bar... great, another Facebook "friend""

A: "Who's this (XXX) person? I think talked to her once in my Biology 302 class."
B: "Bam, Facebook "friend!""
by SimpsonsFanatic August 07, 2009
To help a friend or coworker obtain information on another person.

Gathering information on a person for a shy friend.
"My buddy wants me to proxy stalk this girl on Facebook since he doesn't want to make an account."

"No, I'm not going to help you get dirt on her boyfriend. I'm not a proxy stalker."

"She's just a Facebook "Friend", but you know her well. Could you... proxy stalk her for me?"
by SimpsonsFanatic August 13, 2009

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