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When someone keeps going on and on and on about their love life and they tell it in SUCH a sappy puppy dog love type way, that they are on a mission and nothing can stop them.
So I said, no I love you more, and he said, NO. I love YOU more...isn't that so romantic? Oh, sorry, im on a mush mission aren't I?
by SimplySara January 14, 2009
The urban culture/world and additude.
That's so urbanica.
by SimplySara January 21, 2009
Your phonebook where you call up a fuckbuddy depending on the type of sex you'd like to "order". Who your in the mood for. So, your phonebook is your sex menu.
naw man, I think im just gonna order from my sex menu
by SimplySara January 09, 2011
Girl Icon.
Jennifer Hudson is such a girlcon!
by SimplySara April 20, 2011
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