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1. The capital city of the Free State province in South Africa, also considered the stronghold of English-resisting, traditional Afrikaners. Afrikaans music and sosaties abound here. Not for the faint-hearted.
John: Hey dude, why is Piet dressed in khaki shorts and a two-tone shirt?

Paul: Dude, he's from Bloemfontein.
by Silversword March 31, 2011
1. A term used to describe a person who spends excessive amounts of time fapping.
2. A mispronunciation of 'homo sapiens'.
Joel: What's up with Pete? He keeps disappearing into his room.
Francois: That guy's addicted to fapping... He's a real live specimen of Homo fapiens.
by Silversword May 11, 2011
1. Meat kebabs consisting of small pieces of marinated lamb, beef, chicken, pork, or whatever else was available, put on a wooden skewer and traditionally cooked at a South African braai. Along with chicken and fish, sosaties are considered to be a vegetable alternative to the meat-based diet of many South Africans, especially Bloemfontein residents. The wooden skewers can also be used for toasting marshmallows over the braai fire after the meat has been eaten.
Overweight Afrikaans woman: Here, boy, have some more sosaties! You've hardly eaten anything.

Polite but full young man: Yes ma'am.
by Silversword April 19, 2011
The feeling you experience the morning after you had a good crying session. Similar to an alcoholic hangover, it is characterized by headache, dehydration and a general feeling of crappyness.
Did you drink last night?
No, I'm suffering from a cry hangover.
by Silversword September 01, 2014
A part of speech that can be prefixed, suffixed or infixed to any word in order to emphasise the level of pathetic being described. For example, it can be used to diss computer games, eg. World of Sadcraft, Call of Sadness. Or, it can be incorporated into someone's name: Have you seen Sadathan (Jonathan) or Sadtricia (Patricia) lately?
Dude 1: You're such a bad skater, you should give it up
Dude 2: I know - I totally failed on my sadboard yesterday
by Silversword May 11, 2011
The area of a man's facial magnificence which has not been touched by a razor for 2 years or more.
Wow, that guy's beard is so epic, he has permabeard all over his face!
by Silversword October 01, 2014

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