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Internet acronym for 'I Miss My Old Girlfriend But Not Really". It it used to communicate the nostalgia you have for an old girlfriend when you're dating someone who's way better but you still miss her sometimes.
Pronouned 'Immoge-beaner'
Utahraptor: "IMMOGBNR".
T-rex: Immoge-beaner?
Utahraptor: "Yep! Stands for 'I Miss My Old Girlfriend But Not Really'. Used all the time.
by Silvergrunt May 27, 2008
1) Word for a slag word used to denote something cool.
2) one itself
1) grovy, shibby, sick
2) Person 1: I got a new car!
Person 2: Shibboleth!
by Silvergrunt June 30, 2004
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