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a booty that goes "up & out;" an ass so big, when she sits around the house she SITS AROUND THE HOUSE; big bottom drives me out of my mind, how can I leave this behind behind?; a bodonkadonk that gives her an extra foot-and-a-half behind her; big ol' junk in da trunk
Damn! Look at the ledge booty on that fine piece of black man's kryptonite!
by Silky Smooth March 28, 2007
Really cool show on VH1 thast depicts the rise and fall and rise again of bands/musicians/singers
If you want to be on "Behind the Music," you must:

1) start a band and play seedy nightclubs in New York or Los Angeles or Chicago or Atlanta;
2) get discovered, get a record deal, go triple-platinum, have 3 number one videos on "TRL," and make mad cash money;
3) develop a drug addiction or gambling habit or drinking problem and loose everything;
4) hit rock bottom; and
5) enter re-hab or find Jesus.
by Silky Smooth November 26, 2003
Everthing on her is sexy as hell BUTTER read: but her FACE!
I fucked uper doggystyle so I didn't have to look at that butter face!
by Silky Smooth November 05, 2003
"She has a nice personality" is what you say about the fat girl or the ugly girl because you don't want to say anything mean.
1: "I'm gonna hook you up with my girlfriend's best friend."
2: "What does she look like?"
1: "Um... she has a nice personality!"
by Silky Smooth February 16, 2004
1) lots of big, beautiful female booties in one place
2) a place where you can buttfuck any large-assed woman you want
There's no place I like better than the butt buffet!
by Silky Smooth December 19, 2003
a homosexual three way involving either three gay men or three lesbians; as opposed to sandwich action wich involved either 2 men and 1 woman or 2 women and 1 men
Gina, Maria, and Sofia let me watch them do a choo-choo!
by Silky Smooth January 07, 2004
redneck's 3 favorite things
incest, bestiality, & moonshine
by Silky Smooth October 30, 2003
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