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emo love is when both emo girl and emo boy (some times same sex)think that there loving relationship will last for ever and think that the foundations of there relation ship will never break that may be the reason why there are so many emo kids now a days but sadly the relation dose break maybe by a fatal fake suicide that went wrong and actually did succeed in killing his/her self after all the times you went to gigs to gether all the meaning full shags you had to gether and all the memories you alone will remember. Hope fully this WONT HAPPEN!!.

Truth: emo love is the same as any ordinary relation ship but with poems blinding love absolutely no cheating and proud to say that there an emo couple oh and cutting if you or your emo partner is into that kinna thing. to be honest it depends how romantic you are toward your emo lover and if your a guy YOU MUST tell her/him that you love her and emo girls should do the same provided that he said "I love you" first
An example?! It’s different with every relationship so there are no rules so just make love! emo love :) a.k.aemo sex
by Silent Lullaby September 25, 2005
its amazing! emo boys can have emo ovaries and be just like there girl friend once a month!
emo boy "ouch! my emo ovaries are hurting"
emo girl "aww me to. I got some paracetamol, want some?"
emo boy *sniffs* "ok"
by Silent Lullaby September 25, 2005
were a guy/girl sucks/licks a girls clit
boy *you are the best coffee beaner ever!*
girl *aww thanx hun and your the best teabagger ever!*
by Silent Lullaby November 25, 2005
peace is a dream that no matter how hard we try we never get there. no matter how many charitys we donate to. no matter how many celebritys donate and no matter how many times we have another band aid we will never get there. we will NEVER end poverty and wars around the world sadly but its still worth a try.
peace is some thing that bush and blair have no idea about.
by Silent Lullaby November 26, 2005
we dont all ways cut our selfs but we do cut others
life of some emo cutters
ghod! that feels good thanx for cutting me matty *slahses mattys arm*
by Silent Lullaby September 25, 2005

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