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Science fiction likes to make a big deal out of this term and throw technobabble around to make it look clever in an attempt to make the audience confused and thus ready to buy whatever crap the writers come up with.

Basically, a time paradox occurs if you time travel and change the past so that it erases the possibility of you going to the past in the first place. Which means that events will occur as if you never traveled to the past, undoing your changes so you will travel to the past again, and so on ad infinitum.

Some writers think that it can destroy the universe. Or unleash killer flying time monkeys. Well, we haven't invented time travel so we can't test these theories.
- So, if I travel to the past to kill my grandfather, I'll create a time paradox and will never been born?
- Worse than that - if you travel to the past to kill someone and succeed, then you will have no reason to travel to the past at all! And without you in the past, events will happen as they originally did before you interfered. Time will be caught in a loop!
- Oh no!
by Sikon June 12, 2007
Someone interested in lucid dreams.
I saw dreamviews.com in his bookmarks. I bet he's a lucider.
by Sikon December 10, 2006
ROT13 for ROT13. Sometimes used as a synonym for ROT13.
EBG13 vf n iveghnyyl haoernxnoyr rapbqvat fpurzr sbe gur Ratyvfu nycunorg.
by Sikon December 13, 2006
A practice of inserting other users' names into one's messages on IRC with the purpose of attracting their attention. Most IRC clients display a pop-up and/or highlight the chat window button in the taskbar whenever someone mentions their name.
<some_user> u here tehAdmin?
<TehAdmin> stop namedropping me, I'm busy
* TehAdmin is now known as TehAdmin|busy
by Sikon December 13, 2006
A single-player video game similar to a regular dream, except you're the Game Master.

Some say it's actually a multiplayer game (especially those believing in New Age nonsense), but these rumors are denied by science.
I saw a wingless plane flying in my dream. That made me realize I was dreaming, so I entered a lucid dream.
by Sikon December 13, 2006

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