3 definitions by SidneeBlogs

Making a half-assed effort; usually, an attempt not to do something while pretending that you’re trying to do it
Girlfriend: Pull out or I might get pregnant.
Boyfriend: I’m tryna, baby, but it’s just too good.
by SidneeBlogs January 01, 2012
Opposite of Dicktionary
Little black book used for booty-calls; use a Chicktionary to call a lady; use a Dicktionary to call a guy
by SidneeBlogs January 06, 2012
Without a car needed to spin doughnuts in the street when what the adolescent really needs is a good whippin' (i.e. ass beat)
If 5.0 finds out I don't have a license, I'll be whipless.
by Sidneeblogs January 12, 2012

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