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Another term for a female vagina because it resembles a taco turned 90 degrees and pink in color.
I sucked that virgin pink taco for hours, she loved it. And i loved it.
by SickAsHell September 27, 2005
When one recieves fellatio from his female partner and right before ejaculation gives the warning, then ejaculates all over her face while grabbing the back of her neck and rubbing it all over her face with the other hand yelling SLIPPERY SALLY SLIPPERY SALLY.
1) While I was recieving fellatio from sally, I came all over her face and yelled SLIPPERY SALLY!
2) I gave your sister a slippery sally, that must be where that skin pigment deficency came from.
by Sickashell January 30, 2006
To be in the state of procrastinating.
1. I am being such a procrast right now by adding this to Urban Dictionary.
2. Stop being such a waste of life procrast.
by Sickashell March 11, 2008
A female asshole resembles a taco turned 90 degrees and colored brown. The opposite of a Pink Taco only referring to a females asshole.
She has a very nice brown taco, it was warm and tight.
by SickAsHell September 27, 2005
A fraternity that promotes gay sex between brothers.
Guy: Hey what fraternity are those guys in.
Girl: That's phi delta alpha, they all smoke the pole.

Brother 1: We're so awesome and I love my brothers.
Brother 2: Then why don't you express that love with my dick in your mouth.
Brother 1: Yea, and then after my protein shake we can study!!!
by sickashell November 05, 2007
When one has sex with a girl doggy style, and simultaneously pounds a beer then places it on her back and slams it in her ass. The reaction being a loud yelping scream.
1. I gave your sister an Irish Screamer, she's very tight.
2. I dont know what was better, the beer or the Irish Screamer.
3. I've never heard an Irish Screamer like that, i couldn't hear for a week.
by SickAsHell October 09, 2005

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