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someone who gets run over often at night because the driver cant see them
Dying African: "Tell dat crackerjacker dat da spirits of da animals will haunt his ass forever!!!"

Son: "Bot t'was not his fault papa! He cannot see you in de night, you blend in... you are a true nigger!"
by Sibo of the mountains June 02, 2005
The amount of time a nigga can do the wave with his penis, to attract female bodies.
Nigger/Hustler #2: "Yo that nigga over there got that new 'Wavelength.' He can do the worm by only moving his dick in wave patterns on the ground"
by Sibo of the mountains June 02, 2005
sticking your dick in your math textbook then closing it really hard over and over again
Homeless Nigger: "I couldnt get that Black bitch i saw on the street yesterday, so i beat up this geek, and had nerdsex with all his books"
by Sibo of the mountains June 02, 2005
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