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Playing Dungeons & Dragons or WarHammer or similar games. Does not include computer games.
Stems from the fact or prejudice (depending on who you are) that "normal" people don't play these games while nerds don't have sex, therefore retarded logic suggests that these games are the nerd equalent of sex.
I may not be having sex, but at least I'm having nerdsex!

Cool guy: "My girlfriend is so hot and puts out everynight! Unlike your geeky girl you stupid nerd!"
Nerd: "We have nerdsex, and that's way better!"
by Apfelstrudel August 10, 2006
Having sex with lots of wires.
" i had banging nerd sex last night"
" we used a john west computer mouse last night"
by LittleJade July 25, 2009
When two Nerds hold hands or cuddle
"are they going out?"

"No, they're just having nerd sex"
by COOLGUYYANO January 22, 2012
sticking your dick in your math textbook then closing it really hard over and over again
Homeless Nigger: "I couldnt get that Black bitch i saw on the street yesterday, so i beat up this geek, and had nerdsex with all his books"
by Sibo of the mountains June 02, 2005
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